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"What percentage of your team would you enthusiastically rehire?"

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A Players Deliver 2-3 times the results of B Players for
similar compensation.

Why 100% A Players ?

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Better Culture

A Players are happier and promote a positive culture

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Better Quality Candidates

Proprietary A Player screening tools and processes

Start hiring 100% A Players now

Imagine what a Team of 100% A Players can you for your Business?

You are a successful company who understands that the best A Player employees make all the difference in your results, while B and C Players are holding you back.  A Player Advantage offers a revolutionary approach to improving the culture and performance of your business.  If you think about it, the missing ingredient in employee engagement is the employee!  Existing employees are given the tools to become A Players.  New employees are sourced using a proprietary surgical candidate database and recruitment process that finds better candidates faster.  Finally, unlike traditional search, A Player Advantage actually validates your new employees are A Players through a unique and highly effective interview process which includes Topgrading™ and exclusive behavioral assessments.  The end result is a vastly improved culture of performance and no more worrying about bad hires!

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Building Teams of 100% A Players

A Player Blog

According to Dr. Brad Smart, the Founder of Topgrading Inc., Global HR leaders for the Fortune 100 companies only rate their hiring effectiveness at 20%. This means they deem only 20% of their hire to be top performers.

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