Enthusiastically rehire?  Equals A Player!

Steve Jobs2

How many people on your team would you enthusiastically rehire?  As a leader looking to build a culture of A Players, the answer to this question determines which members of your team are A Players.  Team members who you would not enthusiastically rehire are by default B and C Players.

All employees have the right to be A Players somewhere. The questions is if that somewhere is your business or department or outside the organization.

Let your team know you are moving to a culture of 100% A Players over the course of 6 months.  Draft an A Player Agreement to define A Player performance for each position.  Review these face to face with each employee.   Let each know where they stand relative to being an A, B or C and draft individual development plans for each.  Make executive coaching resources available to them to accelerate performance.

Finally, are you as the leader playing at an A Player level?  In many cases, the leader raising his or her game is the quickest way to raise the performance level of the team!

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