Prospective clients looking for a coach often ask me what my specialty or area of focus is. Any top Scaling Up coach worth his or her salt should be an expert in all of the Four Decisions: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. All of these factors drive results. The key to selecting a coach is to look at the results your business will garner from the Scaling Up process and how the coach specifically implements, and not an individual coach’s personality, gender, etc. I work with successful client-companies from around the globe, with a focus on North America. Most of you seek coaching because you need the entire team (People) to catch up with you, the CEO, to better deliver on Strategy and Execution, which in turn drives Growth and Cash.

If for some reason my client roster is too full to coach your business, or my direct and accountable approach to A Players and bottom-line results does not appeal to you, here are several other top Scaling Up coaches from around the world I can recommend based on firsthand experience of their expertise, reputation, and character.

Mark Fenner: For more than 30 years, Mark has been inspiring individuals and teams to find their strengths, overcome limiting beliefs, and reach their true potential. He has the experience necessary to help CEOs and their teams manage the most dangerous phase of a mid-market firm: scaling up. Mark is based in Coppell, TX.

Wade Wyant: Wade is a business owner, entrepreneur, and visionary for over two decades. He’s helped over 30 businesses (including his own) scale to their highest level of industry maturity. Wade is based in Western Michigan.

Chuck Kocher: Chuck loves helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and leaders grow to reach their full potential and become the very best they can be at what they do. Chuck is based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Hayley Erner: Hayley is the UK’s first licensed Scaling Up coach, supporting CEOs, MDs, and senior teams of UK and global scale ups. Hayley is based in Yorkshire, UK.

Herb Cogliano: Herb Cogliano spearheads his own advisory practice based on the award-winning books Scaling Up and the Rockefeller Habits. As an international business growth advisor and experienced CEO Scaling Up practitioner, he has learned firsthand what it takes to overcome many business challenges. Herb is based in New England.

Neale Lewis: Scale-up expert with a powerful track record of delivering, through training, substantial business growth and performance improvements significantly ahead of competitors. Specializing in embracing the very best business education and tools to enable companies and countries to successfully scale. Neale is based in London, UK.

Rob Nankervis: A business consultant, advisor, and executive coach with over 30 years’ experience, Rob has in-depth expertise across a range of sectors, organization sizes, ownership structures, and lifecycle stages. Rob is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Lisa Ridley: As a business coach, Lisa works exclusively with entrepreneurial teams who are serious about growth and achieving their goals. Her client base is comprised of a diverse mix of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 clients, in industries across the board. Lisa is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bill Gallagher: Bill is a coach and master facilitator with over 30 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience. He spent the last 15 years coaching and training others in leadership and performance. Bill is based in Silicon Valley.

Karie Kaufmann: Karie is a master coach and facilitator, having coached over 1,000 high-growth companies since 2005. Her clients have achieved double- and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through implementation of the Scaling Up framework and Rockefeller Habits. Karie is based in San Diego, California.

Rob Kininmonth: Rob has a passion for working with dynamic leadership teams and guiding them through the process of establishing a powerful strategic framework to deliver sustainable growth and value. He draws on a suite of tools and 30 years of experience working for local & multi-national companies. Rob is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Dominic Monkhouse: Dom’s clients tell him they are frustrated. They feel some time pressure to achieve significant results. They are humble enough to know they don’t have all the answers. He coaches and challenges these ambitious CEOs and their leadership teams. Thirsty learners with a big vision for their businesses, viewing 30-40% compound annual growth as healthy and fun. Dom is based in Wiltshire, UK.

Scaling Up author and founder Verne Harnish will also occasionally take on one or two coaching clients at a time. If you are looking for a unicorn valuation and exit of over $500 million, it may be appropriate to partner with Verne as part of your engagement with Rick.

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