Hi, Rick Crossland with A Player Advantage here.

So, the question came in can an A Player be an introvert? Well, that’s a fantastic question, and I will tell you why. One of the misconceptions about A Players is that they have to be ‘A’ personality types; really aggressive, assertive people. “A” personality types and A Players are two different things. They often confused but an A Player can definitely be an introvert.

When you think about an A Players qualities, really two things come to mind: the first one is the ability to get results; the second one is they are inline with the organization’s core values. So, taking those two principles of being an A Player, by all means, an introvert can be an A Player. In fact, there is a lot about an introvert that is actually excellent for an organization. You know they very thoughtful persons, they not trying to be showy but instead, they focused typically on the results and are also often focused on the needs of others which is a great characteristic of an A Player.

So, great question and absolutely an A Player can be an introvert. Rick Crossland with A Player advantage, keep those questions coming.

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