The market leader in a major home improvement category needed a Talent Development Manager to manage the talent development needs of their growing team. The leaders of this business had never sourced this position before and did not know how to construct the job specification. In addition, they did not know what type of candidate or competencies to look for.


This company brought in A Player Advantage to lead the entire search and recruitment process. This included creating the job specification and compensation package through A Player validation of the selected candidate.


In just under 2 weeks, this client experienced a strong search and reviewed well over 75 candidates for this critical position.  From this large candidate pool, they successfully selected an A Player who has been an excellent fit for this position. The full range of A Player Advantage processes, including Topgrading, was deployed to ensure an A Player was selected. In fact, and in large part due to the immediate effectiveness of this A Player hire in the important role at this company, the client has 100% of salaried personnel performing at an A Player level.

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