What would having every member of your team performing as an A Player mean to your business?

Converting Human Capital into Profits and Prosperity

“The performance improvement in the executives Rick has worked with has been incredible! Terrific return-on-investment to our business.”

-Vice President of Human Resources, manufacturing company

Are you ready to have your business run faster, further, and smoother? If so, you are ready to have a top executive coach work with you and your leadership team to ensure everyone is performing as an A Player.

Just as a top collegiate or professional sports team would never consider playing a game without a coach, top performing businesses seek executive coaches to help propel them further and farther than they can do on their own. In fact, most Fortune 500 CEOs have an executive coach for this very reason.

What makes the A Player Advantage Executive Coaching Program better?

Executive coaching is all about getting your firm a return on your investment. When selecting an executive coach, be sure to choose one with a track record of delivering bottom-line financial results.

“Thanks to Rick’s guidance, we have tripled both our revenues and profits over the last 5 years.” -CEO, building contractor

A Player Advantage coaching programs are different because they focus on building a team of 100% A Players. The programs are aligned with the leading book on the topic, The A Player.

The mission of A Player Advantage is to convert human capital into profits and prosperity. As such, the entire focus is on unleashing the human potential in your organization to fulfill the core purpose of your company. As this happens, higher levels of profits and prosperity create abundance for the entire team.

To do this, we are one of the few coaching firms with an expertise in and a focus on all of the factors involved in creating not only a successful, but elite, organization.

An Executive Coaching Program that covers all of the success factors in your business

It Matters Who Your Coach Is!

You want a coach who practices what they preach. Frankly, far too many coaches are not successful in their own right. They haven’t grown or turned around successful businesses, or actually led large organizations.

In contrast, Rick Crossland genuinely walks the talk when it comes to being an executive coach. He has almost 30 years of experience developing, recruiting, and leading high performers, as well as developing high performing cultures at companies. Before starting his coaching and recruiting practice, Rick worked at Johnson and Johnson, ICI-Zeneca, Planters-Lifesavers, Ford Motor Company, and Limited Brands. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Delaware and an MBA from Duke University.

He is a recognized industry thought leader in the areas of high performance talent, culture, and business development. In addition to authoring the book The A Player, Rick’s insights have been featured in leading business sites such as Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, Fortune.com, and Columbus CEO.

Rick is passionate about your business and your executives’ success. For many of his clients, working with him has been a life-changing experience. Your company will benefit from more aligned, motivated employees who are playing their game at a new, higher level.

Custom Coaching Programs Tailored to Your Business

Every A Player Advantage program is customized to the needs of your business. We offer programs tailored to businesses ranging from entrepreneurial to larger, established corporations—with investment levels that will match your budget and needs.


Executive Coaching:

This individualized 1-2-1 program is designed for the CEO or emerging leader who is looking to grow his or her business or achieve a challenging business result or turnaround. This program stresses improving executive leadership acumen and congruence so executives can better hold themselves, their direct reports, and their peers accountable for results. These results are embedded in the context of financial mastery, so the ultimate result of this program is improved net margins—driving profits, cash, and prosperity for your stakeholders.

Executive Team Coaching:

The same principles utilized in Executive Coaching are now applied to your entire executive team in a group setting. This program is designed for companies who want to build a cohesive executive team of 100% A Players. The focus is on the strategies, accountabilities, and execution necessary to hit enterprise-wide goals. This is a great program for businesses looking for alignment, great culture, and growth.

Hybrid A Player Executive Coaching and Recruiting Program:

This innovative hybrid program combines both executive coaching and executive recruiting. It is designed for the company that is committed to being an organization of 100% A Players. The executive coaching part of the program allows you to develop your existing team into A Players, while the executive recruiting component allows you to add A Players to fill critical positions as your business grows and you need more people. This extremely efficient and high value program allows you to cost-effectively source multiple candidates to your business.

This program covers all of the key elements of your business: People, Strategy, Execution, and Finance. It will transform your business into one that is truly extraordinary.

Want to Improve your Business?

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    Want to Improve your Business?

    Schedule a conversation with Rick Crossland