Rick:  I find in general lots of leaders and managers talk a good game about developing people, but talk is cheap and very few are actually willing to truly develop talent. What are your thoughts? What should they be doing?

Michael:  They should be doing everything we’ve been talking about. In short if continuous improvement is why we’re here, continuous improvement is why we’re here is in fact why we’re here, to continuously improve the planet, to continuously improve our role here on the planet, to continually improve what we do and how we do it to make it a world fit for a god.

If in fact that’s true and I believe that completely with every fiber of my being then obviously that tells managers what they’re here to do. They’re here to continuously improve the way we do, what we do, to go beyond where we are to create a world that could perfectly be in line with whatever the outcome we design our company to produce. What an extraordinary thing that every leader takes to heart.

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