Rick:  What tools as an owner, entrepreneur, divisional leader, middle manager, senior leader have to bring out awakening alive?

Michael:  I’d like to take it apart from the word tools because there’s so much in this information age, this age of technology so many tools, so many social media tools, so many operational tools, so many dashboards and so forth and so on. I want to take it beyond that because it ain’t that does it.

Rick:  It’s more the interpersonal tools. 

Michael:  The interpersonal tools are simply every opportunity you have to organize your communication with your people about where you are, what you’re doing it, and where you’re going are critical.

I say that inspiration, education, training, coaching, mentoring, and guiding your people have to be a real-time job. These are things you do every single day. And you decide how you’re going to do them and what they’re going to be not simply as tools to manipulate your people. That would be the absolute worst thing anybody could do.

But in fact, truly, how you communicate what you feel and what you do and why it’s important to you, absolutely critical.

Rick:  Going for that greater why, right?

Michael:  Absolutely. But every single time you must relate that to your core dream, vision, purpose, and mission. You must relate it to the core confluence of those four very critical words in the communication with your people about why you’re there and why you get up every day to do the work you do.

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