Hi, Rick Crossland with A Player Advantage here. What we will talk about today is a topic that’s near and  dear to the hearts and minds of virtually every CEO and business leader out there, and that’s hitting your earnings objectives.

Now as you think about this, hitting an earnings objective is fundamentally the bottom line of the business–probably the most important business metric we have! As you think about hitting your profit targets, I would like you to think about a kind of a building block approach to this; with all those blocks being your key leaders on your team that have to deliver.

As you think about delivering on results, delivering on commitments, and you think about the people on your team. As you do this, I would like you to think of each them, almost by face. You know, who’s on your team that you can count on? Who are those people who are going to be committed? Who are going to deliver those results? Who those people who are aligned so that all of those building blocks meet the larger target? And, thirdly as the inevitable challenges and obstacles come up, who are those people that are going to be resourceful and resilient and deliver on those commitments?

Well if you like me, I call those folks A Players. Those are the ones that literally you can take their results to the bank!  By the way, they also have great attitudes, and they are aligned 100 percent with your organizational objectives. Now, as think about that, what might have popped into your mind is who doesn’t meet that on your team–who are those non-A Players who you are concerned about being on board? Are they actually going to deliver the results you need to hit your organization’s objectives?

Now your case for these B and C players is actually quite straightforward, but also very challenging. Right you really have two choices here: Your first choice is to coach those people up to A Player performance. Now that’s easier said than done. Typically, in a case of a CEO or a leader you might want to get some help. Why? You might have been working with these people for some time and they need some outside stimulus to actually bring them up to that performance level. So that is one way–to coach those people up to higher performance. Again, typically some outside influence can be very helpful. New perspectives, new tools, to help that person achieve performance; and that is doable particularly with a B Player.

Now of course, in a fast-growing organization you going to also have to add in A Players. In many cases just like a sports team, if a better player on the outside exists, you need to be able to target and bring those people in, and vet that your new players are A Players to help you achieve those performance goals. So again, as you think about being a CEO, as you think about being a business leader, your really ultimate step is to hit your earnings targets. And do that consistently, your fundamental tool that you have is your great team; and so it’s critical that everybody on that team is functioning as an A Player.

This is Rick Crossland with A Player Advantage, we will be back soon with more topics and insights.

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