Rick:  How do systems and processes actually humanize a company?

Michael:  Systems and processes don’t humanize a company, the application of systems and processes humanize a company. In short the systems and processes have to be user-friendly. They have to have a profoundly positive impact for the purpose they’re being utilized. And if they do and when they do they have a profoundly human impact everywhere they’re used, from the user of them to the consumer of them, to the one who’s being manifested by them, and so forth and so on.

Effectively systems don’t humanize a company, humans humanize a company. Systems take that humanization to the highest level possible. Only because if there’s something we’ve got to do there’s a way we’ve got to do it.

And so our total focus is improving upon the way we do what we do. And the only way we know that, in fact we’re improving upon the way we do what we do, is by the impact it has, so measuring the results.

And so we’re working on the system all the time to effectively improve upon the system all the time continuously, forever and on knowing that our life is here to create. If we’re born in the image of God as it said, and I believe in that statement, if we’re born in the image of God that means we’re born to create. It’s obvious.

We human beings were born to create. To create what? To create a world fit for God. And if we’re here to create a world fit for God then we’re continually working on our humanity to improve upon it continuously, never-endingly, constantly.

And that when you think about it is exactly why we’re here. And so there’s a way to do everything. And there’s a way to improve upon that way.

And any company that ignores what I just said is living a life and living a disaster, because they’re dependent upon people as they are to achieve results as they are not.

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