Rick:  Let me ask you this. We talk in our business here a lot about A players. What does being an A player given everything we just talked about mean to you, and why would that be important as an employee or as an owner of the business?

Michael:  An A player is somebody who says, “Teach me Michael. Teach me everything you know. Tell me what I have to do. Tell me how to do it. Tell me how to improve upon myself every single way of my life. Help me grow beyond where I am to become who I can’t even imagine I’ll be.” That’s what an A player is to me. 

Rick:  I love it. And just to tag on to that, we’re launching A Player University also online. So maybe we can help each other out, launch those, and make them as big as possible.

Michael:  You got it.

Rick:  Michael, besides that what else is up for you? What do you see?

Michael:  I have a brand new book coming out. And it’s a book that I actually wrote to announce Radical U, it’s called Making it on your own in America (or wherever you happen to live) A Radical Journey towards self-employment. And the good news is it’s a gift. 

Rick:  Awesome. How do listeners find that?

Michael:  Every person just needs to come to and say, “I want your book, Making it on your own. Send me your book.” And it’ll be ready this month. We’ll get it out to you.

Rick:  Michael E. Gerber, thank you again for your wonderful sharing with us. We’ll be breaking down this information and sharing it, getting it out. Just wonderful teachings. You’ve been so gracious with your time and your wisdom. Thank you so much.

Michael:  My pleasure. Thank you Rick.

Rick:  Let’s do it again sometime.

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