Rick:  How do you tell people are telling the truth? We do a lot of recruiting in our business here and unfortunately many people fail to be polite. They don’t tell the truth.

Michael:  You mean lie?

Rick:  Many people lie, exactly. Or this sounds great. I want to do it. And three weeks later they’re gone. How do you do the truth serum? How do you make sure people are on the level, as we’re sharing our dreams we’re asking them about their dreams to get the best results, and the most people who work out?

Michael:  It’s very simple, test.

Rick:  What types of tests would you recommend?

Michael:  Test them against the measures you’re using and the standards you’re using to turn on their sincerity. And that means that the first three, four, five, six weeks of their time with us are having them take actions that you’re going to measure. So very simple, through actions, not through language, through actions.

And so there’s that whole paradigm of testing that goes on at the very beginning. Not overt testing, meaning not, “I’m testing you. I’m testing you. I’m testing you,” not that. But simply actions you’re expecting them to take and they need to take in order to validate their sincerity and what they say they’re there to do and what they believe in.

And so those tests they’re very, very simple. They’re ordinary tests about ordinary things that need to be done. For example, somebody who’s going to be one of your top sales people serve as a janitor for three days. 

Rick:  As I like to say, I see better than I hear. So show me…

Michael:  How does he respond to that? How does she respond to that? And not just the loosey-goosey, go do whatever. But some very specific tasks that need to be completed. And that requires some attention, that requires some commitment, requires some zeal. It’s very easy to determine whether or not they’re lying.

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