Rick:  As we draw this interview to a close I’m going to ask you anything that you want to share with our listeners today that we haven’t covered.

Michael:  I want every single one of you to know that we have just launched the most ambitious enterprise of my career. It’s called radical view. It’s what I call the trade school for entrepreneurial development. It’s online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One extraordinary class every week, 52 weeks a year, again online when you can enroll in it right now at Just sign in and you’re a student at Radical U. 

And we take you to the Eightfold Path. It’s a 5-year process to grow a company of 1 to a company of 1,000. There is nothing like it on the planet. And here’s the very best and even most improbable news, that the entire engagement at Radical U, the tuition for Radical U, for spending a year with me at Radical U is only $479.40, one time, 52 weeks a year, week after week after week to awaken the true entrepreneur within you. To discover your dream, your vision, your purpose, your mission, to go to work on your client performance system, to go to work on your client acquisition system, to create your franchise prototype in McDonald’s language, to go to work on your business and transform it into your enterprise. And all of that to take place over five years for the distinct purpose of preparing your company to scale for sale, to be acquired in five years. What an incredible outcome to produce.

We just launched and we’re so excited about it. Every single person you know needs to sign on and join us at Radical U. It’s spectacular.

Rick:  Sounds super exciting. Thanks for sharing.

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