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CTO, high growth IT company

You are a highly successful company that understands that getting the right high-performing A Players on your team is the secret to your success and growth. You understand that a top executive recruiter can help you find people, which would be extremely hard and time consuming to find on your own. You are also fed up by traditional headhunters who send you unqualified B and C Players with little or no process or guarantee of your new employee’s success.

Welcome to the A Player Advantage Difference!

A Player Advantage offers a revolutionary approach to executive search and recruiting that will improve the culture and performance of your business. First, new employees are sourced using proprietary big data tools that can find the right A Players—doing the right jobs—in the right industries—at the right firms. Therefore, we can find better candidates faster for you. Second, unlike traditional search, A Player Advantage actually validates that your new employees are A Players through a unique and highly effective interview process that includes Topgrading™ and exclusive behavioral assessments. The end result is great new employees who make an immediate positive impact on your business and no more worrying about bad hires!

Let Your Candidates See the Difference

“The A Player Advantage team knows far more about the firms they represent and their strategies than most recruiters. Much more elevated than the typical recruiting experience.”

High tech candidate

The War for Talent is on! Unemployment is at historic lows, which makes it a “seller’s market” for the candidate. Differentiate yourself in this competitive market with a recruiter who has the strategic insights and knowledge of your open position and business. This will help you win the most desirable candidates. We hear from candidates all the time that our process is more professional and strategic. They learn that you are building the A Player culture in your business from their first contact with A Player Advantage. This enables them to get on board in your business faster and produce immediate results for you.

Innovative, Groundbreaking Services

To provide our clients the most effective and efficient ways to build their teams and cultures, A Player Advantage continually innovates in the area of A Player talent acquisition and development. This manifests itself in cutting-edge programs tailored to your business’s needs.


A Player Executive Recruiting:

Most recruiters are happy to serve up B and C Players, which exacerbates your chances of a mis-hire. At A Player Advantage, we only source, present, and vet validated A Players.

First, we only do targeted searches using big data for happy, passive candidates in the specific job classifications, industries, and competitive firms that will yield the best prospects for you. Second, unlike traditional recruiters, A Player Advantage actually validates that your new employees are A Players through a unique and highly effective interview process that includes Topgrading™ and exclusive behavioral assessments. Using our experience, we lead the validation process, taking the guesswork out of the hiring process and significantly reducing the chance of mis-hires.


Hybrid A Player Executive Recruiting and Coaching Program:

This innovative hybrid program combines both executive recruiting and executive coaching. It is designed for the company that is committed to being an organization of 100% A Players. The executive recruiting component allows you to add A Players to fill critical positions as your business grows and you need more people, and the executive coaching teaches you to develop your existing team into A Players. This extremely efficient and high value program allows you to cost effectively source multiple candidates to your business.

This program covers all of the key elements of your business: People, Strategy, Execution, and Finance. It will transform your business into one that is truly extraordinary.


Middle Management and Entry-Level Recruiting:

A Players are needed at all levels. As you are well aware, there is a dearth of key talent available at the middle management and entry-level positions. Because of the efficiency of our recruiting technology, tools, and processes, A Player Advantage has pioneered the ability to cost effectively source these key emerging positions to enable you to grow with A Players from the ground up.

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Contact A Player Advantage to get your best ever hires.

    Contact A Player Advantage to get your best ever hires.